Empowering You to Live Your Best Life in Your Own Way

Do you feel like your life is hectic, your weeks are full, and you never seem to find the time to do more of the things you love? Your non-negotiables always involve putting other people first and are never about you. I hear you.

If you’re nodding along, don’t stress, it’s completely normal to feel that way. Perhaps it’s because you’re yet to create time and space to focus your mind and energy on things that you actually want to be doing.

Yes, you get to choose to do those fun and fulfilling things that you’re passionate about too! It’s okay to want more! And when you do more of the things that light you up, you supercharge your holistic health and another added bonus, you also empower those around you to create change in their own lives. 

Here are two ideas on how to live a lifestyle of doing more, empowering you to live your best life in your own way.


1. Create a vision and goals

If you don’t have either of these, no wonder your days aren’t full of the stuff that plants a huge smile on your face! This is the first place to start living a lifestyle of doing more. There are many goal setting strategies out there, but we’re going to keep it basic. Our brains like easy, so let’s make it easy. 


Where to begin

Start by creating uninterrupted time in your day and choose an environment that feels inspiring to you. This may be outside in mother nature, by the ocean (yes please), or somewhere in your home that gives off all those good vibes.


What’s next

Grab yourself a pen and paper, no technology as you can always type them up afterwards. Writing your goals out by hand, allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper level and makes way for fewer distractions. Even Tony Robbins writes his goals down on paper.


Answer the following questions and see what comes up.

  • What do you want the next level version of your life to feel like?
  • What do you want the next level version of your life to look like?
  • What do you want to do more of in your life?
  • Is there a specific goal that embodies this? What is it? 


Now you have clarity around what it is you want to be doing more of, you can start bringing it into your life.


Goals aren't your thing? Or perhaps you already have your own? Focus on creating a soul list that supports your own version of a lifestyle of doing more.  


2. Create a soul list

This is a list of anything and everything that makes your heart sing and sets your soul on fire. A list of all the things that can ground you back into yourself, that fill your cup up and empower you to show up as the best version of yourself. The activities on your soul list will leave you feeling recharged, energised and in alignment. This is a great place to come back to when you’re feeling caught in the day to day routine, or when you’re feeling inspired to take action and do more. You may choose to write your soul list out by hand and keep it in a safe place or write it on your phone or laptop. Make it work for you.

Some examples for inspiration…

• Explore a new walking track or hike in your area

• Creating time to cook, trying out a new recipe and getting creative in the kitchen without a time limit

• Booking yourself in for a massage, deep tissue or relaxation, whichever tickles your fancy

• Committing to trying or learning something new, a new restaurant, a new sport or a new language

• Watching the sunrise or the sunset with someone you love from a new viewing spot

• Sitting in the sunshine with a hot cup of tea, or ice-cold kombucha and being present in the moment

With one or both of these tools in your toolkit, you’re well on your way to living your best life and feeling good. Life’s too short to not put yourself first and be doing more of the things you love! Remember, it’s okay to want more, so get out there and do more!

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