Get to know Brand Ambassador Sarah Walker

Hi Sarah! How are you doing?
Good thanks - taking things a day at a time with lockdowns with a focus on things I am grateful for.
Tell us a little bit about your experience at the Tokyo Olympics, what
was it like being in a different role this time?
It would have been amazing to compete in my third Olympics, but as with any set
back, I look for the silver linings. One of the incredible opportunities was to award the Olympic medals. My favourites were to award my friends and competitors with the BMX racing medals, as well as awarding Lisa Carrington two of her Golds.
What is the most important step in your morning routine?
When I start my day with a positive mindset, it is usually a good day! Whether it is a big training day or a day to do absolutely nothing, a positive mindset allows me to be the best version of me.
What is your favourite step in your self-care/skincare routine?
My favourite step in mv skincare routine is when my husband compliments me on my glowing skin!
A quick cleanse in the shower, followed by a spray of toner, a pump of serum and
moisturiser. Simple.
What type of food are you are loving at the moment, have you tried
anything new this lockdown?
I always have, and always will love dumplings - they are a delicious treat! Besides
that, I made fried bread for the first time this lockdown and it was dangerously good.
Will need to keep that as a treat too!
How do you incorporate Me Today in your daily routine?
I love the message about unlocking your best tomorrow with Me Today, and that's
what drew me to them in the first place. I spent so long focusing on my performance first (with a health bonus), I realised the importance of focusing on my health first (with a performance bonus). Each time I use a Me Today product throughout my day, I am consciously reminding myself that all I can do each day is be my best.
What are you streaming?
New Amsterdam, The Blacklist, Brooklyn 99
What are you looking forward to at the moment?
Exploring New Zealand and going on adventures!
If you were to create 'Sarah's Ultimate Me Today Kit' containing just
three products, what would they be?
Women's Daily Cream Cleanser, Women's Daily Moisturiser and
Vitamin D3 - for the inside and out ;)
Date: October 2021

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