5 Tips to Beat Brain Fog

5 Tips to Beat Brain Fog

Brain fog. We’ve all been there. That fuzzy, sluggish feeling where you’re just not quite on top of your game. Whether you’re recovering from a cold or flu, jet-lagged from that mid-winter vacay, or just hitting that 3PM wall, we’ve pulled together our top 5 tips for kicking your brain back into action if you’re feeling the fog! Unlocking your best tomorrow.®

  1. Exercise your body, energise your mind. Getting that step count up and your heart pumping helps increase blood circulation around your body and to your brain. There’s nothing like a brisk walk or jog on a chilly winter morning to get your body and brain feeling re-energised and invigorated.
  2. Train your brain. We know we should exercise our bodies, but how about our minds? Jigsaw puzzles, crosswords and even board games can help keep our brains stimulated and in top shape. Committing to lifelong learning can also help our brains stay active and engaged. Enrol in that French course, try learning a new skill or take up a new hobby - all in the name of brain health.
  3. Sleep tight every night. We all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. And the consequences of a bad one. Tiredness often goes hand-in-hand with that fuzzy forgetful feeling. So, do you and your brain a favour and try to get your 8 hours in every night.
  4. Eat Brain Food. A healthy diet not only nourishes our body but also feeds our brains. A balanced diet will include your 5+ a day, as well as getting healthy Omega-3s from foods like nuts and seeds, oily fish, and olive oil. There is also a huge range of brain food in the form of dietary supplements or nootropics. Think omega-3 fatty acids, B-vitamins, fish oil capsules, and herbs like Brahmi and Ginkgo. Our office fav is Me Today Focus but, full disclosure, we might be just a little bit biased.
  5. Get in tune. Music can set the scene for a movie, create the perfect ambience for your favourite restaurant, or influence the mood of a gallery. Music stimulates almost every region of your brain, which might be why listening to music can be so impactful, helping ease anxiety, changing your mood, and even helping us remember things! So, stream your fav playlist or tune in to your go-to radio station and get those brain waves flowing.


Take supplements only as directed and in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice. People on prescription medicines check with your doctor first. Me Today NZ Limited, Auckland.

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